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Time to see the Gummy Bear at the Moco Museum

The vacations are here and it’s time to resume that trip to Amsterdam that you had postponed. We know it wasn’t your fault. Now you can visit the Moco Museum and have fun with really original pieces of art like a giant red Gummy Bear. However, remember that this museum keeps its artwork in constant rotation, so they might have included new pieces that will surely catch your attention. This is a museum Amsterdam known for exhibiting art pieces that are out of the ordinary. While other museums show repetitive, old and boring pieces, here there is only fun, color and creativity. Several floors and a garden offer a wide variety of paintings and sculptures for all tastes. It’s time to have fun in an original way.

Art enjoyed by people who don’t know about art

Not everyone enjoys art in the same way. Some get excited while others don’t understand the purpose of a certain piece. However, the art pieces on display at the Moco Museum are designed to captivate the attention of even people who have never enjoyed art. For example, the sculpture “Freaky Mouse” by Fidia is familiar to many people. While some may not understand the concept behind this piece of art, they still enjoy taking a selfie next to it. This is what makes this museum Amsterdam so special. It does not focus on a specific audience, but manages to reach everyone, in different ways. Every visitor to this museum takes away unique memories of each painting or sculpture. It doesn’t matter if they don’t understand what each piece of art represents. They enjoy it and that’s what counts.

Steps to enjoy this museum Amsterdam

If you want to enjoy the colors, creativity and fun that the Moco Museum offers, there are only a few details to consider. Remember that times are different. We live in a new normality that demands new ways of doing things. That’s why you’ll notice that the tickets they sell on their website are tied to a specific date and time. Please choose well when you want to visit this museum Amsterdam. This is done with the intention of avoiding crowds inside the museum. Tickets are limited for each slot, so we recommend you arrive a few minutes before the time shown on your ticket. Otherwise, you may lose your ticket. Once you have all this, you just have to prepare your camera for an arduous session of fun selfies that you can share with family and friends.