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Hobby That Have to Make Money and Success

Making money from a hobby that you are currently engaged in must be the dream of many people. Unfortunately, not everyone knows what types of hobbies can generate rupiah coffers. In fact, basically any hobby that is done seriously can definitely bear sweet fruit.

Especially at this time, the trend of hobbies into business is being talked about by people. Many people professionally take advantage of their hobbies to earn money, make their hobbies a daily job. Departing from a hobby, then into a successful and profitable business.

It’s definitely fun when you do something that suits your interests. It’s been fun, paid anyway. Well, if you want to make money from a hobby, first know what types of hobbies have the most potential to make money.

Hobby of Write

If you like to write blogs or short stories, get into that field seriously. Because the hobby of writing can be used as an opportunity to make money. The trick, you can send your writing to print media or online -based media . Or, you can take part in several writing competitions that are now being carried out by a number of companies.

You can also create your blog as a medium to make money by making the blog as interesting as possible and making writing themes that are fun and crowded with people. For example technology, fashion, beauty, culinary, and traveling. To make it more interesting, promote some products on your blog so that the companies that produce these items can glance at you.

With a hobby of writing, the opportunity for a career as a professional writer is wide open. Apart from being a blogger, there are many professions that you can engage in with writing skills, such as novelists, copywriters, content writers, or UX writers, and content creators. FYI, all of these professions get quite a large fee, you know.


For those who like the field of photography, you can make this hobby to run a business. Starting from pre-wedding photo services, weddings, and photographing services as needed. If you still don’t have enough capital, you can start from social media.

Fill your Instagram feed with beautiful photos, then add hashtags so that more people will like and follow you on Instagram . The more people who follow you, the greater your opportunity to offer photographing services to the general public. If done in earnest, guaranteed offers to take pictures will keep coming.

Hobby of Cooking

Who said that the hobby of cooking can only be cultivated by women. In fact, there are more male chefs in the world than female chefs. Even chefs who already have Michelin stars, in fact, mostly come from Adam. Well, for those who like to cook, there are many ways to turn this hobby into a profitable business.

Especially now that social media has a very important role in introducing one’s business. So, all you have to do is create interesting promotional content to win the hearts of netizens. One of the businesses that can be worked on from the hobby of cooking is the catering business or the cake and bread business.

If you have many reliable recipes, you can also make your own cookbooks which can later be traded on online sites . Very profitable, right?

Playing Games

Maybe not many people know that a hobby of playing games that looks like just playing can actually be profitable, you know. Those of you who claim to be gamers can start a business by using the games themselves, be it selling cash characters, accessories, accounts, and so on.

Even the profession of a gamer has now received the spotlight. To the extent that this field is included as part of sports to support the development of the creative economy. What’s more interesting, these gamers are also facilitated in competitions and tournaments with fantastic prizes.


Love to mix and match everyday styles? If so, the opportunity to become a celebgram is wide open for you. Nowadays there are so many celebgrams that display interesting fashion styles. Some of them also have their own fashion characteristics so that they get a lot of attention from netizens.

If this is the case, endorsement offers are always approaching. Endorsement rates that start from hundreds of thousands can grow to millions of rupiah if your Instagram account name is known to the public. In addition to being a fashion celebrity, you can also have the opportunity to become a fashion stylist or even a personal shopper because you have a taste for clothing.

The pay is of course quite large, especially if your client is a public figure. Of course this could be a golden opportunity to make money, right?

Those are some hobbies that have the potential to make money. Other hobbies such as computers, traveling , drawing, and sports also have the same chance of success. Most importantly, take your hobby seriously so that your hobby can turn into a successful business.